IoT - Guestroom of the Future
A collaboration between Marriott International, Legrand, Samsung and Amazon.
Creative Lead, UX/UI Design, Research
Imagining the travel experience 5+ years out with an IoT assisted prototype hotel room and its experience ecosystem. We integrated digital and physical touch-points connecting the room with the digital app and guest loyalty profile for an intuitive experience that improves throughout multiple stays.
The experience focused on four pillars:
Responsive environments (pattern recognition and AI)
Health and Wellness (sleep optimization, data utilization, smart fitness and nutrition)
Personalization (customization and recommendation) 
Efficiencies (operational and resource)
The project started with 4 main sponsors above, later developed to include a total of 15 collaboration partners of all sizes.
Concept showcase using projection mapped interface.
Prototype room designed to be brand agnostic to allow concepts and various user scenarios stand out.
Voice and touch controlled digital mirror.
Digital mirror with option to connect to bed sensor and personal wearable devices for customized exercise and nutrition recommendations, room controls and personalized messaging. 

User Personas were developed to identify and address personalized needs.

Customer journey studies for multiple personas to determine possible pain points and opportunities. 

Concept Matrix developed in relation to 4 experience pillars.

Design thinking sessions by creatives from corporate and startup partners. 

Projection mapping low-fi prototype.
In-room digital frame displays personal gallery that can be saved in user profile, or art curated according to the location or artist partnerships. 
Interactive showcase of various user scenarios.
What I did:
Creative Lead, Design Innovation
UX Design (Visual, Audio and Voice Activation)
Persona and Customer Journey Creation
User Research and Interviews
Ran Design Sprints at Marriott and Samsung HQs
Spatial Design
Physical and Digital Build Oversight
C-Level and Press Presentations

Karim Khalifa - Project Lead
Dan Klaussen - Technology Integration
Brooks Martin - Digital Design
Eric Dekker - Environmental Design

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