Strategy & Research
As a designer, I see myself as an advocate for the user. In order for human-centered design solutions to reach the user in an impactful way, I believe the designer is responsible to be well equipped to understand and speak business, have data to support her/his decisions and be able to keep an eye on the bigger picture.
Working at the intersection of new technologies, design trends and business needs, I'm often asked to find opportunities, develop and articulate concepts, and present them to stakeholders to get their buy-in for further development. 
Marriott International Design Ethos
A set of principles to guide day to day design decisions across the organization.
As the largest hotel company of the world, Marriott International is a huge organization with many different functions within the US and across the world. Design is embedded in many of these functions whether it is for a physical space, graphic communications, a welcome experience or a digital interaction. 
Realizing the challenges of providing consistency across all these outlets, I proposed creating a set of principles that would serve as a high level guidance for day to day design decisions across the whole organization. My strategy was to study the company and its DNA along with the global design landscape, propose initial approach and integrate key leadership via individual interviews to shape and promote the outcome. 

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